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9 Proven Ways to Grow Your Followers on Social Media

9 Proven Ways to Grow Your Followers on Social Media
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These days, most people expect to be able to communicate with a company via their social media accounts.

They use these platforms to ask for quotes, get information about services and even make appointments. It’s often quicker and more convenient than trying to find the information on a website or making a phone call.

Just bear in mind, once you start building up a presence on social media, you can’t neglect it. Visitors to your social media accounts will start contacting you by commenting or sending direct messages. If these queries go unanswered or acknowledged, it can reflect very badly on your business and you’ll gain a poor reputation that’s hard to shake.

1. Be a good follower

A lot of individuals and companies on social media will follow back if you follow them, especially if you’re in a similar industry. This is a good way to make connections when you’re first starting out. These followers are likely to share your posts as well, increasing your exposure to potential new followers even more.

2. Post relevant and interesting content

This might seem like a no-brainer but it’s important to keep your content relevant to your target audience. Posting often is important, but what you post is even more so. No one will want to follow you if they aren’t interested in what you post or share on social media.

3. Post frequently (but not too frequently)

It might take a bit of time to discover the ideal posting schedule for your industry, brand preferences and social media platform. Once you have though, you’ll have the perfect posting frequency to make sure that you’re always visible but not an irritation. Over posting can lose you followers, while under posting means the right people might never see your posts.

4. Engage with visitors

Social media has made it easier than ever for brands to have a more personal connection with their customers. People like it when they can engage with a brand online and it makes them more likely to follow you. Even better, it makes them more likely to share your posts with their friends, which will lead to even more followers.

5. Use relevant hashtags when appropriate

Hashtags, especially on Twitter and Instagram, are how most visitors discover new content. Using popular and relevant hashtags will make your posts more visible and, if your content is enticing enough, help you gain new followers.

6. Produce campaigns with partner brands

Creating campaigns with other brands and then tagging each other in your posts means you get exposed to all of their followers. Depending on the brand, this is potentially thousands of people who might choose to follow you as well. A good co-branding campaign creates a symbiotic relationship that results in more exposure for both brands.

7. Create an attention-grabbing profile

Make sure your profile looks professional and legitimate. Include your logo as a profile picture, an eye-catching cover photo and a clever bio. This will make your social media appear more official which leads to more followers. It also helps to keep your branding consistent on social media.

8. Include social media buttons on your website

Have clearly visible links to each of your social media channels on your website. This way, if a visitor likes what you have to offer and wants to stay updated, they can easily navigate to your social media pages and follow you.

9. Invest in some social media advertising

You don’t have to go overboard but just a few boosted posts can get your name out there and act as an introduction to visitors who might never normally have found your page. If it’s something tempting and exciting, like a competition, even better.

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