Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Gnu World Media uses social media marketing to share your website’s content, generate brand exposure, build your social audience and open a social communication channel between your company and its clients.

Social media packages

We offer social media packages ranging from basic campaigns to promote your brand and content through to comprehensive daily management of your key social media accounts.

Facebook marketing and advertising


Boost your Facebook page audience, promote your website’s content and create brand awareness with precisely targeted Facebook marketing and advertising.

Facebook marketing and management


Our marketing and management package provides you with original daily social posts, grows your page audience and manages daily interactions with your page followers.

Facebook & Twitter marketing and management


Our comprehensive marketing and management package, covers daily content creation, page management and Facebook advertising on both of South Africa’s major social networks.

Why do social media marketing?

Most Internet users today are active on one or more social media platforms, and this is redefining the way people share information.

Thanks to mobile devices, content on social media platforms is reaching people even outside their offices and homes. It’s also reaching a vast number of people who previously didn’t have computer access. Social media platforms don’t just benefit consumers. They also make it possible for businesses to target audiences precisely, by location, demographics and interests. This means you can use social media to speak directly to the people most likely to be interested in your brand.

What we do

We tailor our social media marketing services to your specific requirements. Depending on what you need we’ll use some – or all – of the following to help get your brand out on South Africa’s biggest social media platforms.

Analysis & strategy

When you sign up with us, we’ll analyse your business and market to determine the relevance and likely impact of social media marketing for your company. We then identify the social media platforms most likely to generate results for your business, based on your business goals.

Profile optimization

Whether your brand has a small or large audience on the social networks, your profiles convey important signals about your company to users of these platforms. We set up profiles for your business on selected platforms, ensuring your brand is professionally presented to your social audience.

Social media advertising

We promote your brand to South Africans on the country’s most popular social networks. By using the highly targeted advertising and promotional tools available on social networks, we ensure that your market sees your brand, services and products.

Social content

Whether you need weekly posting or comprehensive weekly content plans, we can generate shareable content for your social media accounts that will boost engagement and page reach.

Account management

If you don’t have time or resources to manage your social media accounts yourself, one of our experienced social media account managers can provide you with expert management of daily social engagement and outreach on your social media accounts.


We ensure that your custom social media marketing services are integrated with your existing digital marketing activities. This drives engagement with your content, radically improves the exposure of your brand, and increases traffic to your website.

Other social platforms

Depending on your budget and specific requirements, we can use platforms like LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Instagram and YouTube to create awareness of your brand, share your content and help you reach new audiences.

We do whatever makes sense for your business, so if you want a custom social media marketing service targeting a specific platform, give us a call and we’ll create a winning strategy for your business.