Gnu World – the Digital Marketing company

Gnu World

The Digital Marketing company

Gnu World is a Johannesburg and Cape Town based Internet marketing company that was established in 2000 to provide local and international companies with better business websites.

The Digital Marketing company

Since then we have been accumulating knowledge and experience, allowing us to provide you with the very best Internet marketing and web design services! We offer a holistic, all-in-one solution by providing the full range of Internet marketing services under one roof. We also aim to provide excellent customer service, which means that we follow a personal and friendly approach, providing you with prompt, honest feedback on all queries.

Why Gnus?

One reason is that the gnu (pronounced g-nu or new) is an animal with a truly South African character – just like our company. The word “gnu” has its origins amongst the San bushmen of Southern Africa.

Then again, when pronounced “new”, the name refers to the hope that technology will transform and improve our world.

Meet the management team

Andrew Ziffo, Director & PPC enthusiast

Andrew is the man behind our straightforward and personal approach. An entrepreneur who has been involved in successful businesses for 20 years, he is passionate about Internet marketing and loves helping other businesses to succeed. He also loves mountains, French toast and funk music.

Sean, Senior developer

The serious backbone of Gnu, Sean combines his many years of experience as a senior web and software developer with SEO expertise. Sean is always coming up with good ideas and innovative solutions, which he tends to jot down on paper together with arcane database maps and other hieroglyphics.

Jonas, Head of search marketing

Born in Germany, Jonas has retained a typically Germanic dedication and thoroughness which are brilliant traits when building quality links and managing SEO projects for our clients. His academic background in media also helps. When he is not fishing for links, Jonas enjoys fly-fishing (for fish).

Leon, Head of design

Leon is a design maestro with the unusual combination of both artistic flare and common sense. The constraints of designing for conversions, usability, and to meet the demanding requirements of clients, Andrew and Sean seem to propel him to ever higher degrees of web design brilliance.