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Email marketing

Email marketing remains a cost-effective tool that no business should overlook. When properly targeted and managed, it’s an important source of leads and conversions.

Email marketing converts

Premium, relevant content delivered directly to the inboxes of individuals in your target market is a proven method of generating leads.

We don’t do spam

Gnu World’s email marketing campaigns are designed to target people with specific interest in your products and services.

Our expertise

We’ll set up and curate your email database, generate strategic concepts and content, craft your mails and report on the results.

Our approach to email marketing


We’ll assess the state of your email database, and assist you in organising it for use in your campaign.

Campaign setup

Once your email database is in shape, we’ll load it into our email distribution software. You’re now ready to serve content to every member in your database at the click of a button.


We’ll work out the best approach to providing your subscribers with information that delivers value to them, with a focus on quality over quantity.

Tracking and reporting

We’ll track and report open rates and clicks for each email we distribute, and monitor the number of your subscribers.

Content creation

We design emails to engage your readers and communicate key points quickly and effectively.

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