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Top Ten Signs You Might Need a New Website

Top Ten Signs You Might Need a New Website
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1. You own one of the sites displayed above

If you recognize any of the screenshots as your company website you are in desperate need of our help.

2. You cannot update your own content easily

Great websites are built using efficient Content Management Systems such as WordPress. These platforms provide a simple interface for a casual user to administer and edit their website content. If you need to drag in a web developer every time you want to edit text or upload an image, your website desperately needs an overhaul.

3. Comic Sans font is used

I hate Comic Sans.ttf

Comic Sans is not ‘playful’, ‘cute’ or ‘fun’. There are literally hundreds of alternative free fonts available in a handwritten style. There is no appropriate time to use Comic Sans.

4. Your website looks old

Does your footer state “Copyright January 1996”? A website will be rendered ineffective unless it is regularly updated and improved. Internet conventions, best practices and trends evolve very quickly.

Your business and brand will benefit immensely from the credibility and quality that is represented by a professional website that contains dynamic, relevant content.

5. People don’t find what they need

Users are easily daunted by a haphazard site structure and poor navigation system. Annoyed visitors will simply give up when they cannot quickly find what they came for and go to a competitor website. It is essential that your website content is presented in a logical, flowing way using structural menus and appropriate internal links.

6. You struggle to find your own website using a search engine

Customers are very likely to search for your company name using Google instead of memorising the URL of your website. If you can’t find your own website, nobody else will either.

7. Your website is not compatible with the latest versions of the most popular web browsers

Although, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is still the most common web browser, you are losing business from the growing proportion of internet users that are using a different browser. Your website needs to look good and work properly regardless if someone is surfing using Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari, Google Chrome or Opera.

8. Music plays when you enter the website

Unless you are a musician promoting your latest album via your website, your website should be seen and not heard. Not everyone shares your taste for Jazz Funk Fusion.

9. You have a splash page or Flash intro

Splash pages are not classy. They are an obstacle to visitors entering your website and will probably even bring down your search engine rankings.

10. Pop-Ups pop up

A ‘Pop-Up’ is equivalent to hi-jacking somebody’s computer. The majority of internet users turn on pop-up blockers so they won’t see what you wanted to show them anyway.

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