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Gnu World Visits Animal Shelters in Need on Mandela Day

Gnu World Visits Animal Shelters in Need on Mandela Day

At Gnu World, our team is made up of many proud animal lovers. For Mandela Day this year, the Gnus decided to support some animal shelters in Cape Town and Jeffreys Bay.

puppies on mandela day

We donated food and funds, and spent some time helping out at the shelters and playing with the lonely animals.


Much-needed supplies for animals in need

Animal shelters always need supplies such as dry and wet food to keep the animals in their care fed and healthy. They often collect other useful items such as kennels, blankets, collars, plastic containers, newspapers and bread bags.

jbay animal rescue sanctuary

If you have stuff around the house that your local animal shelter might need, get in touch with them. You might be surprised at the some of the items they find useful. Some shelters will even be able to collect donations.


animal welfare society stellenbosch

Cuddles for the cats and dogs

Cats, dogs and other animals in shelters are usually fed and housed to a basic level but they lack enrichment in the form of toys, play and cuddles from people.


Animal shelters are always in need of volunteers, even if it’s just to give the animals some much-needed love.

Most animals don’t do well in isolation, especially those that aren’t socialised with other animals because they were single pets or come from feral environments.


How Gnu was able to help

Our team members are avid animal lovers and many of us already volunteer at various shelters, offering our time and love to the abandoned animals.

For Mandela Day, we visited two animal shelters – the Animal Welfare Society in Stellenbosch and the JBay Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Jeffreys Bay.


Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch

Some of our team members visited the Animal Welfare Society in Stellenbosch where we offered our time to help repair the cat scratching posts and spend some time with the animals. The Animal Welfare Society is always happy to receive some helping hands or much-needed donations.


The Animal Welfare Society does excellent work all over South Africa, sheltering abandoned animals and preventing cruelty or neglect. They also have many cats and dogs ready to be adopted into their furever homes.


JBay Animal Rescue Sanctuary

At the JBay Animal Rescue Sanctuary, we dropped off seven large bags of cat and dog food. This food will help feed many of the cats and dogs in the sanctuary, most of which come from nearby townships or have been surrendered to the sanctuary.

The Sanctuary also does excellent outreach work with local communities, offering sterilisations, building kennels and enclosures, handing out pet food and giving other support for township animals including some farm animals.


Gnu World supports animal welfare, youth development and poverty relief initiatives in South Africa. If you want to support any of the animal shelters above, please contact them directly to arrange donations or volunteering.