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Gnu World Designs Medical Aid Infographic for IFC

Gnu World Designs Medical Aid Infographic for IFC

Over the last month we researched and designed an infographic on the top medical aids in South Africa for our client IFC (Independent Financial Consultants). The infographic was specifically designed to provide unique, useful and interesting content for the site’s new blog which went live recently at: medicalaid-quotes

Whilst infographics have been very heavily leveraged for internet marketing abroad we only rarely see this trend reflected in South African internet marketing. In our case we have designed infographics for several international clients but this marks the first occasion that we are doing so for a local business.

The sparsity of infographics about South African topics or targeted at South Africans actually presents a great opportunity for digital marketing companies willing to invest the time in research and design. Resources such as statssa provide a wealth of statistical information that can be used for this purpose.

For those looking for some African infographic inspiration we must mention the work of former Ogilvy art director, Ivan Colic who regularly publishes new infographics on his tumblr.

And below our own infographic on SA’s top medical aids. Click-through on the image to see it in a better resolution on our client’s website.

Top 5 Medical Aids in South Africa

provided by medicalaid-quotes

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