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Business websites

A Gnu World Business website provides everything you need to establish a professional online presence for your company, quickly and affordably.

Business website packages

Business Website


excl. VAT

Our Business package will provide you with an attractive, technically advanced and affordable site. The site will make use of the WordPress platform, used by millions of sites globally.

The Business package includes the following essential features:

  • responsive design that looks great on all devices
  • WordPress Content Management System for easy loading and editing of content
  • loading of up to 10 pages of your content
  • a blog, articles section or product catalogue section
  • contact forms
  • installation of Google Analytics
  • three months free email support
  • a free domain
  • a free guide to managing your content

Business+ Website


excl. VAT

Get the great features that come standard with our Business website, along with a variety of add-ons that will give your site an instant boost in traffic and a solid platform for growth.

Our Business+ package includes everything in the Business Website package plus:

  • SEO keyword research
  • 10 pages of on-site SEO optimisation
  • free consultation with a digital marketing expert
  • professional editor review of your content
  • Google+ profile or Google+ local profile
  • Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics
  • R600 free Google advertising
  • free 12 months quality hosting
  • free 12 months maintenance and support (up to one hour per month)

Business Website Parent

  • What is a WordPress theme?

    A WordPress theme is a fully developed website that also allows for the customization of certain design and features. All the building blocks for a website are already in place in the theme, and can be added or removed to create the desired effect without having to design or develop each element from scratch. This simplifies the design and development process, and reduces cost, without having to compromise on the overall aesthetic appeal and technological sophistication of the website.

  • Isn’t WordPress meant for blogs?

    WordPress is a popular blogging platform, but has evolved significantly in the past decade. Today WordPress supports some of the most cutting-edge designs and features you’ll find on the web. However, WordPress retains the ease-of-use that originally made it popular for blogging, and is an excellent option for companies who publish and edit their own content.

  • Who should order a Gnu World Business or Business+ website?

    Gnu World’s Business sites are for companies that do not require highly customised or complex features on their sites. With a Business site, you’ll benefit from a site that’s fast, effective and has the design aesthetic of a high-end website, at a fraction of the cost.

    You’ll also enjoy access to a range of user-friendly features that allow you to customise your website in accordance with your needs, on an on-going basis.