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A Gnu World Business website provides everything you need to establish a professional online presence for your company.

Business website packages

Business Website


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Get an elegant modern website that optimally presents your brand, products and services.

Our Business website package includes:

  • free consultation with a digital marketing expert
  • theme design and three page templates
  • 10 hours of content loading
  • full control over your content
  • a variety of functionality add ons, from galleries to testimonials
  • a mobile friendly design that works on all the latest browsers.

Business Website FAQ

  • What is a WordPress theme?

    A WordPress theme is a fully developed website that also allows for the customization of certain design and features. All the building blocks for a website are already in place in the theme, and can be added or removed to create the desired effect without having to design or develop each element from scratch. This simplifies the design and development process, and reduces cost, without having to compromise on the overall aesthetic appeal and technological sophistication of the website.

  • Isn’t WordPress meant for blogs?

    WordPress is a popular blogging platform, but has evolved significantly in the past decade. Today WordPress supports some of the most cutting-edge designs and features you’ll find on the web. However, WordPress retains the ease-of-use that originally made it popular for blogging, and is an excellent option for companies who publish and edit their own content.