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Gnu World offers an in-house videography service, creating stunning but affordable video content for use in your digital marketing campaigns.


We’re challenging the exorbitant prices and restrictive licensing models that are typically attached to video content. Our videos are affordable and don’t include any hidden fees or restrictions.

Social friendly

Our team of social media marketing experts know how to generate audience engagement and promote video content in ways that meet the requirements of social media channels.

Our approach to videography

Needs analysis

We’ll determine what you want to achieve and identify what type of video content will best meet your marketing objectives. We’ll then identify the marketing channels where your video content can generate the best ROI.

Video scripting

Our expert production team offers video treatment creation and video scripting. We’ll work with you to ensure the final product meets all requirements.

Video production

We’ll collaborate with you to schedule and manage the video production process. We create location-based video and green screen videos. We can also source third-party video stock footage to create engaging content.

Video post-production

Gnu World will handle all elements of post-production. We edit video and add sound elements to create a polished, engaging final product.

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