About this project

betHQ is one of the web’s most comprehensive guides to online sports betting. Built to be mobile-friendly and easy to use, betHQ provides visitors with reliable, independent analysis and advice on sports betting and the online betting industry.


betHQ approached Gnu World to provide them with a comprehensive marketing strategy and mobile-friendly custom Drupal website.

What we did

Gnu World provided betHQ with a comprehensive digital solution. This included market research and marketing strategy formulation, custom design and development and the creation of over 100 pages of original, premium content for the website.

Gnu World then commenced a program of ongoing SEO and content marketing for the betHQ website, generating frequent content updates and using social media to expand betHQ’s brand footprint.

What we achieved

Gnu World has generated a substantial increase in traffic to the betHQ website. From December 2014 to August 2015, traffic from all sources to the betHQ website increased by 1151%.

All traffic up 1151% in 8 months