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We are SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) experts, with over 15 years experience providing SEO services that work to boost traffic and conversions. We’ll get you the best results.

Our SEO process

Our SEO process has been thoroughly tested and proven. The process of fully optimizing a site involves time and effort over a sustained period. Here are a few of the things we focus on during an SEO marketing campaign. View our SEO packages.


We conduct a thorough audit of your current website, looking at your existing rankings, technical elements, content, links into your site, and all other relevant factors.

Audit feedback

We advise you on the design and functionality of your site. There is no point in doing search engine optimization if your site deters people from doing what you want them to do.

Install tracking

We create Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts for you if you do not already have these valuable tools. They provide information to better understand your site and visitors.

Technical optimization

We perform a technical optimization, to ensure that the code and structure of your site is optimal for the search engines. We have brilliant web development skills which allow us to provide far more comprehensive optimization than most “SEO experts”.

Keyword research

We perform scientific keyword research using statistical tools, competitor analysis and your website metrics to discover which keywords and phrases are best suited to optimizing your site.

Site optimization

We optimize all of your web pages and content. We use only highly qualified writers and editors who will improve the quality of your content.

Google Local

Good results in local searches are critical for many businesses. We’ll ensure your site lists optimally in these results and use a variety of techniques to improve your rankings in local searches.

Content marketing

We obtain natural, high quality links into your site by publishing premium content. The search engines use links to measure the importance and relevance of your site, and we use the best and safest strategies to increase the link authority of your site.

Analysis and reporting

We analyse and report the results, showing you how your traffic and conversions are improving, and in order to continually refine our approach, keywords and strategies.

No shortcuts

We do not use shortcuts which can cause problems in the long run, but focus on making your site successful by adhering to what the search engines and your visitors want.

Custom SEO services

If you have unique requirements or a large site, we will provide you with customized SEO services. This might involve technical consultation and implementation, SEO audits, copywriting and editing, outreach or a combination of services. We will advise you on the best SEO and digital marketing strategies for your business.

Benefits of Gnu World Web Digital Marketing


We perform a full range of web development and digital marketing services that allow for a holistic approach and the convenience of using a single digital service provider.

Excellent content

Our content is written by experienced writers and professionally edited, as only excellent quality content that engages your audience provides long-term value.


Digital marketing generates an unbeatable ROI when compared to conventional marketing activities. As a smaller agency, we provide lower prices for better results.


Monthly reports keep you on the pulse of your Internet marketing campaigns, providing campaign metrics, detailed feedback and suggestions.

We'll take your digital marketing to the next level

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