Google AdWords services

Gnu World is registered Google Partner. We offer expert Google AdWords campaign setup and management services that will quickly and effectively boost traffic to your website.

Our AdWords advertising process

Gnu World uses a tested, proven approach to Google AdWords advertising, including setting up, optimizing and providing ongoing management of your campaign. View our AdWords packages now.

Planning and research

Identifying your advertising goals, analysing your website and competitors, and performing scientific keyword research.

Campaign configuration

Setting up your campaign in the correct structure for optimal targeting, management and measurement. We ensure that your keywords, ads and landing pages work together to achieve the desired results.

Writing Ads

Writing a range of clear and compelling ads. We create multiple ads for every concept and split-test these to ensure that we use the most effective ads.

Landing pages

Ensuring that your landing pages are ideal to maximize conversions from the traffic that your campaign generates.

Installing tracking

We set up AdWords and Analytics reporting tools to analyze the performance of your campaign. This includes advanced goal, conversion and e-commerce tracking so that our decisions and reporting to you are based on what is actually working to earn you conversions and profits.

Bid management

Managing your bids on an ongoing basis to obtain the best value and ad positions. For larger campaigns we use automated bid management to ensure that you are always paying the lowest amount for the maximum number of conversions.

Tracking & reporting

Tracking the results and providing you with accurate and easy to understand reporting.

Ongoing optimization

Adjusting, testing, and refining the campaign on an ongoing basis until you reach a desired ROI.

AdWords FAQ

  • Do you also offer campaigns with Bing?

    Yes, although only for larger advertisers who wish to target overseas markets. These alternatives can be cheaper than Google AdWords due to less competition, although they do not yet have the reach or sophistication of AdWords.

  • What guarantees do I have?

    You can attain immediate, guaranteed results as your ads start appearing almost as soon as they are uploaded. The results will be measured so that you will see exactly what does and does not work. We do not lock you into any contracts and you can cancel with Google and us anytime you want.

  • SEO or AdWords?

    AdWords is ideal for companies looking to give their traffic an instant boost, in combination with SEO, or for companies who don’t have the time and budget to pursue great organic rankings. SEO is a long term marketing strategy that tends to be more cost effective over an extended time period.

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