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Some of the Best South African Digital Marketing Campaigns

Some of the Best South African Digital Marketing Campaigns
The best South African digital marketing campaigns

South Africa has some outstanding marketing and advertising agencies. The country’s adverts and campaigns often claim international awards.

We consider some of the best South African digital marketing campaigns of recent years, along with key reasons why they were so successful.

Castle Lite’s #HoldMyBeer campaign

When radio and TV personality, Dineo Ranaka, tweeted about enjoying a Castle Lite, many men on Twitter took issue with the idea of a woman drinking beer.

This sparked a discussion about misogynistic advertising practices. Beer is generally marketed only at men and beer ads often feature women chiefly as “eye candy”.

Using the #HoldMyBeer hashtag from Dineo’s original tweet, Castle Lite created a campaign in which they promised to stop advertising practices that degrade or objectify women.

The company acknowledged its problematic adverts of the past, while promising to “do better” in future. The campaign was timed appropriately for International Women’s Day.

What we learned

This campaign touched on a very relevant issue in the #MeToo era. It also showed that big brands can admit to their own flaws without damaging their reputations.

Also, the campaign successfully engaged a demographic that had previously been ignored in the company’s advertising – the estimated one million women who drink Castle Lite.

Nando’s #RightMyName campaign

Nando’s is known for its provocative adverts, with campaigns often referencing topical or political themes in an irreverent manner.

With its #RightMyName campaign, the company focused on something a bit more personal to South Africans – their names.

The goal was simple enough – to create a dialogue about spellcheckers’ tendency to underline non-traditional English names, marking them as “incorrect”.

With the simple Your Name is Not a Mistake tagline, Nando’s managed to engage thousands of users on social media. This included many influencers and celebrities, tired of their non-Western names being labelled as incorrect by spellcheckers.

What we learned

The campaign focused on a concept that most South Africans could identify with and feel strongly about.

Marketing campaigns that aren’t an obvious bid to sell something but instead address an important issue, especially a personal one, get more engagement.

Omo’s “Father’s Day” campaign

According to a recent statistic, over 60% of South African children grow up without a father in the home.

In response, Omo launched a campaign for Father’s Day, to give thanks to those who fill the role of fathers in children’s lives. The campaign emphasized that father figures don’t have to be actual fathers and that these caregivers also deserve thanks on Father’s Day.

It’s not just absent fathers that the campaign wanted to highlight. Unconventional family dynamics are becoming more and more common, with children being raised by same-sex couples, aunts and uncles or grandparents.

The assumption that most children are raised by a mother and a father is still prevalent in advertising and excludes large numbers of less conventional families.

What we learned

Campaigns that address social issues are bound to encourage conversation online. However, brands need to be careful not to be insensitive or exploitative.

Omo’s campaign acknowledged a significant problem in our society but chose to focus on the positive aspect of giving credit to unsung heroes.

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