Digital marketing

Digital marketing

Gnu World uses a holistic approach to digital marketing. By working on the big picture, we’ll get you the best results.

What we do

Gnu World uses a variety of strategies to market our client’s websites. Each strategy is customized to your specific industry and marketing requirements, ensuring you get the best results. We embrace a user-centered approach that ensures that your website and content deliver the experience and information your clients are looking for. View our packages now.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization offers an excellent return on investment. It takes significant skill, time and effort to obtain great “organic” (unpaid) results in the search engines, but the benefits in increased conversions and brand exposure are immense. Increasingly, SEO is not about technical tricks, but rather delivering a great user experience and compelling content, and getting the word out to the people that matter to your business. Find out more about our SEO marketing services.

Content marketing

Content is the foundation upon which your digital marketing is built. We have the creativity and experience to produce content that brings together high production values, using professional designers, writers, and editors. We also have good relationships with photographers and filmmakers and can help you to manage the production of many types of digital content.

Google Adwords

Google is giving more and more emphasis to paid results. Unlike SEO, paid ads in Google and Google’s massive ad network can be obtained or changed instantly, and you generally only pay for highly targeted clicks. This makes AdWords an essential platform for most businesses. As registered Google Partners, we have the expertise to deliver results. Find out more about our AdWords services.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful and cost-effective communication tool if used professionally and un-intrusively. Our email marketing campaigns include strategy, design, layout and content creation. We produce emails that enhance your brand and your ability to successfully engage with your clients and subscribers.

Social media marketing

We use social media marketing to promote your brand on South Africa’s most popular social networks. Our services rang from basic social media marketing services to boost your followers and brand exposure to professional daily management and content generation on your social media accounts. Find out more about our social media marketing service.

Local SEO

Google+ local and other location based services play an increasingly important role in assisting businesses with one or more physical locations to reach their customer base online. From setting up your Google+ profiles correctly to obtaining reviews and citations, we apply the most appropriate and best practice techniques to get you excellent results.

Web design

Your website’s design plays a critical role in converting traffic into leads and providing prospective clients with positive brand signals. Our in-house design team can assist you in optimizing your site’s design or create a brand new mobile-friendly website if you need one. Our designers also ensure that all content we create for you looks great and displays optimally on a wide range of devices. Find out more about our website design service.

Web development

In-house development capacity allows us to provide technical SEO optimization services that many other marketing agencies can’t match. We’re also experts at developing Drupal and WordPress sites, allowing us to provide you with a one-stop service for all your web requirements.

Other stuff

Digital marketing is always changing, and there are thousands of different platforms and marketing techniques. We make use of whatever is most appropriate for our clients. So apart from the major areas above, we run competitions, do assorted forms of social media marketing, implement paid and native advertising strategies, and generally do whatever we know will work best for your business.

Benefits of Gnu World Web Digital Marketing


We perform a full range of web development and digital marketing services that allow for a holistic approach and the convenience of using a single digital service provider.

Excellent content

Our content is written by experienced writers and professionally edited, as only excellent quality content that engages your audience provides long-term value.


Digital marketing generates an unbeatable ROI when compared to conventional marketing activities. As a smaller agency, we provide lower prices for better results.


Monthly reports keep you on the pulse of your Internet marketing campaigns, providing campaign metrics, detailed feedback and suggestions.

We'll take your digital marketing to the next level

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